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CIS GATE INC - Founded   in  1995   in  Kazakhstan   ,then   2004   in  Canada,   CIS   GATE   Inc.  has   successfully implemented   projects   in  c ivil   construction   with   various   types   of   building   structures   and associated  civil  works  utilizing  L ight  Steel  Frame,  technology  developed  in  Canada . We  offer  high  quality  in  construction  of  luxury  buildings  observing  commitment  to  our  customers’ needs  above   and   beyond   the   competition . CIS   GATE  boasts  highly   qualified   personnel   with adequate  systems  in  place  offering  vast  regional  experience  to  make  your   Kazakhstan  based project  a   success .
The   company   takes  pride   having   accomplished   a  numb er   of   chal lenging projects  continuously  having  set  a  high  benchmark.  Over  the  course  of  the  decade ,  continuous improvement  has  been  the  focus   for  our  company  with  quality  being  the  underlying  essence  to achieve   measurable  r esults   and   meeting   customers’   expectations .   Organically   armed,   our carefully   selected   technical  staff   translates  into   a   culture  of   precision,   dedication,   and   detail orientation.

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Registered in 2009 , PDBON GROUP has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of in United Arab Emirates.

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