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Pdbon Group is a set of different servicing companies who share the same values, ethics and excellence. We have always delivered the best solutions to our customers since 2007.

The values we have for each company is part of the Group's ethics and convictions since the very beginning. We continue to guide and drive business, and entrepreneurship made by each company within Pdbon group.


Dr. Iman

Dr. Iman always thought beyond local business boundaries, he believed in creating value rather than just services. “Think local, act global” is Pdbon’s group motto. The founder has always believed in reasoning, creating syntheses, rather than applying the same systems over and over. He approached cases from utterly distinct angle developing different statement of work, on what is right, and what is beneficial, and if the projects can get chance of becoming successful in their businesses and leaving something worthwhile behind them.

As Pdbon Group we have learned to turn challenges into advantages, creating long term opportunities for our consumers, partners and stakeholders. We value long term relationships; and we are beyond the mere of making profit, we have always aimed for lasting partnerships, providing the optimum value for our consumers, and as a result, elevating the market standards by providing unique services with the energy, oil& Gas, real-estate, financial, and  e-commerce sectors.

Meanwhile, we do have some subsidiary businesses where we supply; health equipment’s, businessman services, trading consultancies and Jewelry business besides, some sweets shops located in multiple area of old Dubai.

We constantly rekindle our potential, and energy to be on the right course of our goals. We evaluate and update our systems, staffs and processes to serve you the best.


Each and every pre-feasibility projects that passes the test of logic and reason will surely be completed one day, when the time comes. Thus, we will continue to build the best algorithms until we finalize the best for our subsidiary businesses.

Pdbon Group puts a lot of investments in Oil & Gas, Energy, and Financial services that adds value to sectors of operations. We proudly represents UAE and have operations globally.

Moreover, we offer distinctive solutions for our customers. Pdbon aims to raise the value of its brands within UAE and across Europe, Asia and so forth.



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    2002, Al Manara Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE P.O.Box 128540